Being an IT manager has become a widespread occupation, given the increased necessity of a high-quality information technologies department. So, as you may already know, an IT manager is responsible for the application and maintenance of the technology infrastructure of a given organization. Many people are interested in being an IT manager due to personal interests and wage benefits, and the fact that it can be practiced remotely.

Moreover, the popularity of working in the IT field and being an IT manager does not seem like going away soon. Companies and organizations use information technologies more as each day passes, creating more demand for IT department employees.

Today, we are here to talk about all the details of becoming an IT manager by highlighting the remote working opportunities of the job. We will be discussing who an IT manager is, what an IT manager does, how to be an IT manager, the workplace environment of an IT manager, and lastly, the average salary of an IT manager.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Work Definition: What Would IT Manager Does?

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An IT manager is the person who is responsible for managing, planning, coordinating, and leading all the computer-related issues in an organization. Those issues might be related to technical aspects, software, and basically, anything that includes the use of technologies. Moreover, an IT manager is responsible for applying computer and information technologies within the company to meet needs and requirements.

Those are the general aspects of what are the responsibilities of an IT manager. But of course, we can dive a little deeper into the responsibilities of these occupations. Since an IT manager is responsible for all aspects of the computer and technology-related issues, they will also be responsible for recruiting those who will work on related areas such as database administration and computer programming.

Moreover, an IT manager is also responsible for leading the activities, programs, and collaborations within the related fields in the organization. For example, if the computer programming team is working on a new project or if they face any issue, the IT manager must be there to follow up and come up with solutions if needed.

You should keep in mind that the exact role of the IT manager and the responsibilities of the occupation may depend from organization to organization. This change can also be observed across countries. Some organizations and companies focus on the improvement of electronic systems, whereas other companies and countries focus on the operation and management of the IT team. Regardless of details, an IT manager can be responsible for every single aspect of technology and computer-related issues in an organization.

Remember, an IT manager is not someone who appears only when there is a technological issue. The role of the IT manager is to maintain balance and get the technological systems within the organization work optimally. So, there is a routine to regularly test the software, infrastructures and systems to check if everything functions properly. 

Skills Required to be an IT Manager

As you may have already noticed, an IT manager can carry out all of their responsibilities remotely. A well-working computer would usually be enough to perform daily tasks for this role. The following are the skills for an IT manager, but please remember that the required skills may change according to the organization:

  • Bachelor’s degree in related fields (computer science, information technology, information systems, etc.) or relevant experience.
  • Experience in IT operations.
  • Management skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership.
  • Project management skills.

Career Path: How to be an IT Manager?

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Now that you know what an IT manager does, what their responsibilities are, and the general skills required to be an IT manager, it is time to talk about how to become one. How to become an IT manager? Well, of course, there are many different ways of becoming an IT manager, but we will go with a general guideline of how to become a successful IT manager.

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree

Being an IT manager requires good theoretical information, and as we mentioned earlier, many organizations are seeking a Bachelor’s degree in the applicants. So, if you want to become an IT manager, it would be advantageous if you get a Bachelor’s degree in the related fields.

Gaining Experience

Of course, it does not end when you have all the theoretical knowledge. At the end of the day, you are not taking a test when you become an IT manager, you actually need to do the job! For this reason, many organizations would look for experience. When you are a fresh graduate, it might not always be possible to find a job on the spot. So, it is important to spend some time in the field in junior roles. For example, you can do an internship after you graduate or while you are still in college.

After your internship, the chances of you getting hired will increase. But of course, this does not mean you will become an IT manager right after you graduate. Becoming a manager is challenging, so you need to build up your experience to get all the knowledge and experience to become a successful IT manager. Employers need to see that you are capable of being a manager, so it would be best to work in the IT industry at least for a couple of years.

Being Productive

It is important to take responsibility and be productive while you are working. There are many people working in the IT industry, but not all of them meet the requirements for becoming a manager. You may want to consider working as an IT project manager to get the “pregame” right before becoming an IT manager.

Master’s Degree

And a bonus that would help you a lot if you want to become an IT manager is a master’s degree. In fact, most of the successful IT managers are those who have graduated from an MBA program. So, if you want to be a successful IT manager and increase your chances of getting hired by a good company, you may also want to consider completing a Master’s degree.

What is the workplace of an IT Manager like?

An IT manager generally spends most of their time in an office and works at least 40 hours a week. Given that the tasks of an IT manager can be carried out with a computer, an IT manager can work remotely as well. Even establishing the systems, software, and infrastructures needed to work remotely is a part of the responsibility of an IT manager! 

On an average day, an IT manager would check the technological infrastructure and software of the company, supervise people in the IT department, and deal with any technical issues they may face. Since technology is one of the most essential things for any given company, it is common to work overtime as an IT manager. After all, crises and other emergencies cannot always be predicted! 

Beyond that, in a day, IT managers can deal with anything that is under their responsibility. Even if it is a pretty chill day and there is not much to do, the manager still needs to supervise others and check if everything goes smoothly in the technology-related fields of the company.

Average Salary of an IT Manager

Perhaps the most wondered issue about being an IT manager is the average salary. It goes without saying that an IT manager’s salary will depend on the experience level, organization, and country. But averages are helpful to get a general idea. The following table illustrates the average salary for IT Managers by country.

 Country Average Salary
 United States 88.000 USD per year
 United Kingdom 68.000 USD per year
 Canada 80.000 USD per year
 Japan 58.900 USD per year
 Singapore 85.000 USD per year

What qualifications do I need to be an IT Manager?

The general qualifications to be an IT manager are a Bachelor’s degree, three to five years experience in the field, leadership skills, and supervision abilities. However, the requirements may change depending on the organization and country you are applying to, so it would be best to look for the job description and requirements.

How many years does it take to become an IT manager?

Given that there is a need for a bachelor’s degree and experience to become an IT manager, you need at least six years to become an IT manager. However, this duration may change according to your skills and the organization you want to work at.

Do I need a degree to be an IT manager?

You need a degree to be an IT manager, in most cases. Because being an IT manager requires lots of technical knowledge and theoretical background, most organizations ask for a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum. However, there are exceptions. If you’ve got proven knowledge, experience, and skills, there might not be a need for a degree.

What education is needed for IT jobs?

The common education requirements for IT jobs include information technology, computer engineering, computer science, and information technology system analysis. Depending on the exact occupation you are considering, the required education may change.

Originally posted on February 10, 2022 @ 7:19 pm