Remote work can sometimes be challenging, but it’s not if you know how to handle the situation and if you don’t have solid remote working routines. One way of “handling” this challenge is through using some tools and digital wonders to make things more enjoyable and easier, which brings us to today’s topic: five wonderful tools that would increase your job satisfaction, bring more joy to your remote working routine, and make life easier in general. Honestly, your remote work will not be the same once we introduce you to those tools!

The nature of remote work is quite different from an office job or any other job that requires you to be physically there, that’s for sure. Lack of human interaction, absence of an environment that is dedicated to working (if you are working from home), and the high number of distractors, in general, can make remote work tough.

However, this situation isn’t hopeless. There are lots of tools that would make you happier in your remote work environment to help your productivity and even make you earn more. Without further ado, let’s get started to see those excellent tools!

How to Pick up the Game in Your Working From Home Routines?

If you are new to a remote working lifestyle, things might not have been so easy for you. There are lots of things to adapt and find alternatives to. Moreover, if you have been working from home for a while, you might feel overwhelmed and still couldn’t find the way that works for you.

Feeling confused and dissatisfied about working from home is pretty common. What we can tell you is this: you are not alone, and you can pick up the game in your remote work by making simple changes in your routine. There are a few general tips we can mention here that would make a change in your overall remote work satisfaction.

The first thing is, you need not forget to communicate with people. If you do not have any colleagues and are working completely alone, you will need to stay in touch with them. It is good to stay socialized and brainstorm with people working in the same field for you. Spoiler alert, a wonderful tool for this will be introduced to you shortly!

Another tip to mention here is that you need to create a real routine and stick to it. We are not mentioning the routine for your work. It starts from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Having a routine will help you to be more organized and focused on working to be more productive. Your routine really depends on you and the nature of your occupation – you just need a nice one to stay productive and organized.

The next thing you might want to pay attention to is your physical health. Usually, a remote work environment from home requires lots and lots of sitting. In the long run, you might experience back pain and posture problems. And in the short run, you may feel overwhelmed, and your motivation can be harmed.

Luckily, the tools we will mention in this list can actually help you to add those into your routine and be a better remote worker! Here is the list of those tools that we cannot shut up about.


remote working routines

We couldn’t decide if Slack is a recommendation or a necessity for those working from home. For legal purposes, let’s stick to the recommendation. Slack can be one of the most useful tools you can ever find for remote work, especially if you have a team that you need to stay in touch with. The following are some features of Slack:

  • Slack is known as one of the best communication app and widely used by companies, startups and all kind of remote teams. Indeed, the project-friendly structure, user-friendly interface and valuable tools of Slack make it a good project management app.
  • Research shows that Slack increases team productivity and reduces all the unnecessary meetings that could have been an email.
  • Slack is an easy way of keeping in touch with colleagues and working on projects.
  • It is possible to integrate other tools with Slack.
  • You can replace Zoom or Google meets with Slack’s built-in meeting area called Huddle.
  • You can create reminders in your calendar through Slack.


You need to stay focused and be productive, even when nobody’s watching. We know how challenging this can be, especially if you are working from home. But this challenge can no longer be a challenge for you with a tool like Serene. Serene is a tool that is aimed to increase focus by blocking the possible distractors that are keeping you away from your work. The following are features of Serene:

  • App and website blocker
  • Music for focusing
  • To-do lists
  • Timed working and break periods
  • Phone silencer


Krisp is another fantastic tool designed to solve one of the main pain points of a remote work environment: the background noise. It might sound trivial at first, but can you stay focused when someone on the call is connected from a noisy coffee shop? Probably not. Here are the features of Krisp that makes it an excellent tool for the remote work environment:

  • Krisp blocks the background noise at both ends of a video call.
  • You can join meetings and take calls from your workplace at any time since the background noise will not be a problem.
  • Krisp can be used with any application. So it does not matter whether you prefer Zoom, WhatsApp, or any other app.

Back Posture Support Cushion

Digital tools can and will increase your productivity, but what about the physical ones? We mentioned how staying inactive and sitting at your desk all day long can be a bad influence on your productivity in general, and there are some gadgets you can use to prevent this.

One of the wonders of this world that people tend to overlook is the back posture support cushion. No matter how careful you are, sometimes our backs tend to go with the flow and take a hunched posture without noticing. If your back does this for way too long, the results might be unfortunate and irreversible.

So, why not take precautions while you can? A back posture support cushion can be your number one supporter while sitting and focusing on your work, so you do not need to deal with back pain and posture problems while trying to be productive. Believe us; back pain can be a severe block in front of your job satisfaction and overall productivity!  Here are a few things you need to know about back posture support cushions

  • They are beneficial for body posture in general.
  • Reducing backache
  • They fill the gap between your spine and chair, which is the main reason for bad posture and back pain.
  • They will also be helpful for neck pain.
  • Improved circulation
  • Better sleep
  • Stress relief

Strong body, strong mind.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

A remote work environment without Wi-Fi cannot be thought of. If you are a remote worker, you most probably have a proper internet connection in your home, and that’s okay. But the thing is, we cannot know when there will be internet interruptions that can ruin your focus. It can come in the middle of an important meeting and when you are working on an important report and haven’t saved it yet. How tedious is that?

Yet, you can avoid this by getting a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that will save your life, no matter what happens to your home internet. Here are the features of mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that makes it a necessity for home offices and remote workers:

  • Save time and effort by connecting to the internet if there are any interruptions.
  • Connect with your colleagues even when you are not home and do not have internet access
  • Access to fast and secure internet
  • Do not hassle with the struggles of losing a document you were working on due to internet instability

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.

What technology do you need to work from home?

To work from home, the main thing you need is a laptop or computer. Depending on the nature of your job, you might need additional tools like a keyboard, mouse, monitors, a microphone, headphones, and so on.

What items do you need to work from home?

The items you need to work from home can depend, and some of them are up to you. However, some essentials of working from home include a desk, office chair, laptop, monitor, mouse, and headphones.

How can I work from home by using tools?

You can use tools to increase your productivity, organize your workload, and focus more on your tasks. There are lots of different and useful tools you might want to check out for both the digital environment and physical environment, which will make things easier for you and more enjoyable.

Which organizations are beneficial for those who are working remotely?

For those who are working remotely, there are some organizations that would allow an environment for socializing and networking. Some of the benefits organizations can be listed as Business Networking International, Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business Networking, and Young Entrepreneurs Council.

Originally posted on November 24, 2021 @ 8:27 pm