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Working from home comes with a number of advantages along with a number of pitfalls. The first of these is undoubtedly related to keeping productivity high at all times. As Cogniwork, we have presented you with a series of tips so that you can work with higher efficiency in your home or co-working areas, maintain work-life balance more easily, and take firmer steps towards reaching your monthly and annual goals. While presenting these tips, we benefited from both scientific studies in psychology and industrial psychology, and the data of companies that allow their employees to work remotely.

It is possible to find ways to create a more efficient work routine from home by exploring the contents!

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Post Thumbnail Image How is Productivity Measured in the Modern Workplace

How is Productivity Measured in the Modern Workplace

Today’s workplace is fast-paced and dynamic and most of the time we are left alone by wondering how is productivity measured in such environments. With the constant pressure to innovate, it can be challenging for employees to stay organized and meet various deadlines. In this type of environment, measuring productivity can seem like a challenge