Are you trying to find an informative guide about product managers? In the article that we prepared for you, you will be able to comprehend the role of a product manager, how to be a product manager and the paths that you can follow if you would like to become a product manager. In addition to the crucial information that you will see in the following parts, you will have the opportunity to look at the workplace of a product manager closer. While you can learn several ways to become a product manager, you will also have enough knowledge about the salaries. If you are ready to learn more, we can look for more detailed information about a product manager right now!

Who is a Product Manager? – Work Definition

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The product manager has an essential role in the production process. While a product manager can be a product designer and product strategist, they are usually product marketers at the same time. Product managers aim to achieve business goals and fulfill customer expectations through the product. Basically, product managers try to find a product that will be the most appropriate for the market. In addition to finding an effective product fitting for the market, they focus on the product to improve and grow it. To reach the goals of the business and determine a successful roadmap for the business, product managers maintain contact with the stakeholders as well.

As we mentioned above, product managers can be product designers while they can be product strategists and product marketers. It shows that the following titles that we are going to share with you are practicing a part of the role of a product manager;

1. Product Marketer

2. UX Designer

3. Data Scientist

4. Business Analyst

Most of the time people could be confused about the difference between a product manager and a product owner. In the following part, we explained the main differences between these particular titles for you.

What is the difference between a Product Manager and a Product Owner?

The key differences between a product manager and a product owner are discussed and can be confusing for most people. The titles that people take are depending on the roles of the business. Both titles are focusing on different factors, roles, responsibilities, and activities on the business that you will see below.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Product Owner

  • Focusing on the stories of the users and prioritizing them.
  • Maximizing the value of the product
  • Carrying out the production process.
  • Informing the development teams of the needs, demands, and requests of the customers.
  • Providing feedback for the product manager.
  • Working closely with the development team.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Product Manager

  • Focusing on the next step and placing it as a priority.
  • Creating an appropriate roadmap for the teams that are part of the production.
  • Analyzing the customers and profiles.
  • Researching the needs, demands, and wants of the customers.
  • Offering features which can make the customers and workers happier.
  • Maintaining relations with the stakeholders.
  • Improving the strategies which can make the product a good fit in the market.
  • Caring for the needs wants, and demands of the customers and responding to them.
  • Determining and offering the appropriate prices for the product.
  • Following the production process from scratch until delivery.

How to be a Product Manager? – Career Paths

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If you are planning to become a product manager, there are some ways that you need to know and skills that you should improve. As we think about the importance of product managers in the development process, enhancing yourself has an extremely crucial role. While there is no exact way to become a product manager, you should have essential skills in marketing, communication, customer research, market analysis, road mapping, and product modeling. In addition to these required skills, you need to have an ability for empathy, strategic thinking, leadership, communication, and also collaboration skills at the same time.

If you are aiming to become a product manager, you should pay attention to the skills that we mentioned and hone these. Improving yourself in the mentioned abilities will not be challenging if you would like to be a product manager. It should be noted that learning new skills can be easy but mastering them will need some time. Besides the skills and abilities that you need to have, there are some effective steps and different paths to becoming a product manager that we share with you in the following part. Dive in!

5 Most Effective Steps to Become a Product Manager

To become a product manager, the effective steps that we shared with you might guide you during the process. You can follow the steps and make the process clearer for yourself. Let’s discover!

1.  First, you need to learn about the skills and requirements to become a product manager.

2. Then, you should make sure that you inform yourself about the whole process that you are going to be in.

3. After you determine the required skills, abilities, and qualifications that a product manager needs to have, you need to work on them.

4. When you have enough knowledge of these abilities, you can build your own product skills and keep enhancing yourself at the same time.

5. In the last step, you will be able to manage and complete your projects. Consequently, you will have the opportunity to create your own portfolio.

When you are aiming to become a product manager, paying attention to the 5 most effective steps that we mentioned above will help you significantly. In this way, you will be able to create your own strategies, build your own roadmap, and have the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills at the same time.

What is the Workplace of a Product Manager like?

The workplace of product managers can be changeable according to the business and company size. The teams that they work with can be a small team or large if they work at a more global company. Usually, they spend their time at the office.

Average Salary of a Product Manager

The average salary of product managers can also change according to the country that they are working in. You can see the chart of Europe, the UK, and the USA, for the average salary of a product manager by countries below.


·        Germany, Munich: €65,000

·        Germany, Berlin: €57,000

·        France, Paris: €52,000

·        UK, London: £55,000

·        Italy, Rome: €43,000

·        Belgium, Brussels: €71,000

·        Ireland, Dublin: €66,000

·        Spain, Madrid: €47,000

·        Spain, Barcelona: €47,000

·        Switzerland, Zurich: CHF109,000


·        Los Angeles: $108,000

·        New York: $107,000

·        San Francisco: $129,000

·        Seattle: $119,000

·        Boston: $109,000

As you can see above, the average salaries are changeable by region. If you would like to become a product manager in a specific area, you need to search the average salaries for the region.

What qualifications do I need to be a Product Manager?

If you are planning to become a product manager, you need to have some qualifications and you can improve yourself on those skills. You can look at the top 12 skills that a product manager needs to have on the list below.

1. Marketing
2. Communication
3. Collaboration
4. Creative thinking
5. Strategic thinking
6. Ability to empathy
7. Roadmapping
8. Customer research
9. Market research
10. Technical Expertise
11. UX
12. Business Administration Skills

In addition to these skills and qualifications, you can learn more detailed information in the guide above.

How many years does it take to become a Product Manager?

After you learn the given skills and abilities, you need to get experience. When you enhance yourself, you will need some years to become more professional and able to work as a product manager. That professional experience time range is usually between 3 and 5 years for a professional product manager. It should be noted that you should keep improving yourself even after some years of experience as well.

Do I need a degree to be a Product Manager?

Yes. While there is no exact major, usually, a product manager is expected with an appropriate Bachelor’s degree in business management. The majors which are close to business management can be acceptable to become a product manager at the same time. The major should be the one where you can learn the required abilities, skills, and qualifications.

What education is needed for Product management jobs?

To become a product manager, a Bachelor’s degree in business management or in a related field is needed. To fulfill the requirements of product management, you usually need to be graduated from related fields.

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