Changing necessities of work-life and career paths required some changes in our environments. One of the best examples of those adapted environments can be observed in the form of co-working spaces, which can bring you the social environment and productivity you need while working remotely. And that will bring us to today’s topic, the top 7 co-working spaces in Berlin. 

As you may already know, Berlin has a creative, hardworking, and social atmosphere in general. Moreover, the demographics of the city have led to a significant amount of demand for co-working spaces, which happens to be meeting the demand nowadays. All freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs in Berlin are happy from the abundance of co-working places where they can focus on their work, brainstorm with others, and get the best possible remote working environment for themselves. 

But for sure, the abundance of co-working spaces in Berlin can be overwhelming, especially for those who are struggling to find the best option for them. Luckily, we have prepared the best seven co-working spaces in Berlin for you to have a clear idea about your options and hopefully find the best one for you. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Why are Co-working Spaces so Popular? 

Co-working spaces in Berlin

Before seeing all the wonderful co-working spaces in Berlin, it would be best to talk about why co-working spaces are so popular and how they can be very beneficial for your productivity and job satisfaction in general. 

It is safe to say that co-working spaces are mainly preferred by those who do not have a place where they need to go, such as an office or any other work environment. In other words, people who can do their work from wherever. But of course, some people prefer co-working spaces in many cases where they need to be productive or focus on their work. 

In essence, co-working spaces are so popular because they can bring so many valuable things to their users. For the sake of making things more apparent, the following are some of the reasons why co-working places are gaining popularity, and it’s most likely that they will continue to do so: 

  • Co-working places create a perfect environment to focus. Many remote workers struggle from the fact that a house is not a place to focus, and co-working places bring a solution to this problem. 
  • Co-working places are excellent for socializing and networking, which is important, especially for those who are suffering from remote work isolation. 
  • Co-working places create an optimal environment for teamwork. If you want a place to work with your team but do not have the budget to rent an office, co-working places can be a good alternative.
  • Co-working places are cost-efficient. It would cost a lot less to work in a co-working place rather than renting an office on your own. Moreover, co-working places typically come with lots of common amenities to use with other people like coffee, lunch, events, and so on. 

All of those benefits of co-working places typically result in increased job satisfaction, productivity, and motivation. With that being said, many people prefer to work in a co-working place, instead of working alone in an environment that is not suitable for focusing and being productive. 

1. WeWork Berlin

WeWork is a co-working company that has thousands of branches all around the world, and the one in Berlin takes place in this list as one of the best co-working places in Berlin. The goal of WeWork is to build a global community in which flexible spaces are provided for flexible workers. 

The company’s mission is to make everybody feel welcomed and aspire to succeed in what they want to achieve. The company also wants to get to know its members, to create the global community they want to create. 

There are lots of benefits of choosing WeWork as a co-working space, and those benefits expand beyond the regular co-working place benefits. There are lots of different amenities and activities you can participate in while being a part of WeWork, such as breakfasts, networking events, and physical activities. 

The central location of WeWork in Berlin is one of the main reasons why it’s so popular, besides all the other benefits you can have. 

2. The Factory 

The first co-working place on this list is quite a popular one, especially for start-ups and teams. Do Uber and Soundcloud sound familiar to you? Well, those were established in this very co-working space, with a group of motivated people. The environment in The Factory can be best described as being a business club, but for start-ups. 

The technological devices in The Factory are the best of its kind. The internet is super fast, and you will benefit from free coffee service all day. Moreover, you will have access to the kitchen, 3D printer, workstations, lockers, and many more amenities. 

In fact, The Factory is a bit different from the co-working spaces many people are familiar with. Of course, you will be getting everything you may need from a co-working space, but the extra thing is that you are getting an atmosphere that encourages you to do more and motivates you with what you do. You will not only have a place to put your computer and stare at it all day; you will get to enhance your network, socialize, and be active. 

3. CoWomen 

Another top-rated co-working space in Berlin is designed for strong, ambitious women who would like to do better and build their career paths in the best way possible. The co-working place consists of an inspiring community, who aspires to make a change in the world. 

The atmosphere is quite friendly and cozy. You will get to benefit from mentorship programs besides all of the amenities you might need in a co-working place. There is fast Wi-Fi, lighting and camera equipment, complimentary tea and coffee service, and many other services and amenities. 

4. Ahoy! 

Ahoy! It is one of the most popular co-working places in Berlin, offering a large space to its users by occupying several floors in an old industrial building. The place is quite spacious, so if you are not those kinds of people who can find comfort in small places, then you might like the environment in Ahoy!

There are all kinds of amenities in Ahoy! That you would expect from a co-working place, including but not limited to fast Wi-Fi, kitchen, scanner, printer, and beyond all the things you will need for your work, an area just for socializing with other people when you feel overwhelmed from work. 

Overall, Ahoy! is a nice destination where you can get the productivity, motivation, and socialization you can expect from a co-working space. 

Visit Ahoy’s website

5. KAOS 

KAOS is a co-working space in Berlin, offering a safe space for all kinds of people who need a place to be creative, productive, and get motivated. It really does not matter what kind of a person you are or what you will do in a co-working place. KAOS is welcoming for everyone, and you can always find something for yourself there. 

Additionally, KAOS offers services and amenities for shooting movies and photoshoots in general beyond being a co-working space. The atmosphere is perfect for creativity, and if you need a place to be a part of an existing community, then you can find what you need in KAOS. 

KAOS encourages its users to do more and better. 

6. Enklave

Enklave is a modest co-working space, offering a convenient environment for those who are looking for a place to be productive. Enklave can be an excellent option for you if you are unsure about the socialization part of co-working spaces since it offers perfect privacy for those who only want to focus on their works. 

But, you can always change the “zone” you are in and switch to a social zone. There are three kinds of zones in Enklave, named social, silent, and focus. You just need to choose what you need at the moment and pick a zone for you. And everything should be fine!

Besides the amenities you already need in a regular co-working space (Wi-Fi, coffee, water, printer…), you will get many other things like an outdoor terrace, nap room, yoga studio, and many more. Besides, Enklave is accessible for wheelchairs. 


LAUNCH/CO offers a convenient environment for those who do not want to move away from the traditional office environment while getting all the benefits of working in a co-working place. 

The atmosphere is perfect for focusing without getting distracted by environmental factors. The location of LAUNCH/CO is quite central, making it possible to get there easily. The internet is fast, and the environment is highly professional. And if you would like, you can pay with Bitcoin in LAUNCH/CO! 

What is a co-working place?

A co-working place is a space where people use together to work. There can be private or shared offices in co-working places, depending on which type you would prefer. Those kinds of places often offer services and amenities to their users. 

What is the best co-working place in Berlin?

There are many different co-working places in Berlin. Some of the best ones can be listed as The Factory, Ahoy!, Enklave, and WeWork. 

Are co-working places noisy?

Co-working places are not noisy. If you want a silent environment, many co-working places can provide this. You can work with other people in co-working places only if you want to do so. 

Who should go to a co-working place to work? 

Everyone who needs a place to work can go to a co-working place. In general, remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers, start-up teams, freelancers, and entrepreneurs prefer co-working places. 

Originally posted on November 26, 2021 @ 11:55 am