Looking for a job was always a challenging process back then; your eyes always look for “Hiring Now!” signs, you go and talk to each one of them. And generally, only a few of them suit your schedule, especially if you are looking for a flexible job.

The introduction of the digital era has thoroughly changed traditional life. So, the change for the traditional process of looking for a job and following the process was inevitable. The digital and online version of looking for a job or hiring process seems a lot easier compared to their older version. Even though the new means of looking for a job is apparently much more convenient than the older ways, the digital era has its own challenges and difficulties. For instance, now you have to deal with hundreds of mail, digital meetings via Zoom, or Webex, which are quite complex tools if you are using them for the first time. Also, you have to know how to write a proper job application email and how to continue an email conversation.

On the other hand, working remotely also has other difficulties. Besides dealing with tons of emails, learning code of conduct, and dealing with technical problems, you also need to be prepared for problems coming with not being in an actual office. In contrast with the “office” concept, there are lots of distractions at home, and your brain will always be aware of the fact that the bed is so close to you, so you might just go and jump in it at any time.

However, these problems are not a big deal at all, and all of them can be solved with proper actions. The online digital era has made life more convenient and accessible so that we can write this great guide for people who are looking for a remote working job.

Which Job Application Platform to Use As a Remote Worker?

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There are tons of job application platforms. As each one competes with each other, each one tries to differentiate itself and provide various advantages. So let us introduce them one by one:


As it is understood from its name, it is a website designed to provide its users with potential remote working job alternatives. On Remote.Co, you can find jobs from various experiences, such as designing jobs, positions for customer services, human resources roles, developer positions, sales works. Besides that, on Remote.Co, you are also able to filter the job options by their type so that you do not have to see the works that you are not interested in.


There are more than 50 remote working job categories on FlexJobs, with several working schedule opportunities such as freelancer options, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs. You also do not have to be on the expert level, as on FlexJobs, there are many opportunities for new graduates, people with few experiences, and experts. One of the best features of FlexJob is that they check every job opportunity before posting on their website, so you don’t have to do detailed research to see if it is a reputable place to work or is it just a scam. The website currently has more than 20,000 remote working job opportunities on its front page.


Arc provides remote-only work opportunities specifically for developers all around the world. The website also has an excellent offering for beginner-levels; they have a special page for junior developers; on that page, they are posting internship opportunities and junior-level jobs. So, Arc could be a great address to start your developer career as the website has great features for beginner-level developers.


Pangian’s aim is to be the “middle-man” between the companies with the remote working tradition and the remote employees. Pangian’s duty is to serve job offerings to its users throughout the world and, therefore, connect the world. You can find job opportunities on their website ranging from UX design, web developer positions, social media management, and digital marketing. The most outstanding feature of the website is that the users can create communities related to their field of work. Therefore, people that are interested in the same field of expertise have a chance to share their thoughts, ideas, and questions about a specific skill or general tasks of the job. In this way, Pangian provides a conversation area for its users, and users interact and learn from each other.


JustRemote is an online remote working job platform, and its mission is to build a greater environment for both people looking for a remote job and for people hiring. Besides that, the firm also aims to make things easier and quicker for people looking for remote work. The website contains lots of different job opportunities, such as marketing, design, human resources, management, development, writing positions, etc. Moreover, JustRemote offers advanced filtering options. Users can filter the job opportunities based on their specific location, language requirements, and time overlap requirements, etc.

5 Tips for Following Up on a Job Application

If you are very excited about your job application and are currently following up on it, make sure that you are doing it right. Here are the tips for how to follow up on a job application in a proper manner.

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1. Wait For a Reasonable Period

When you apply for a job that you are very interested in, you probably want to skip all the time between the application day and the response day. However, you should wait for two weeks. We also will mention a survey related to the optimum wait time for a job application. It generally takes two weeks for a hiring team to view and evaluate all applications and respond to the suitable ones. If there is no response after two weeks, it is still the most optimum time to send a reminder related to the status of your job application.

2. Always Be Clear

When you are following up on your application via e-mails, you are recommended to keep your text as concise and straightforward as possible. A hiring team struggling with tons of tasks in a workday wouldn’t appreciate long and incomprehensible texts. So, you should try to write your email in three short paragraphs.

3. Show Your Interest

Your follow-up emails should always start with a confirmation text expressing your interest in the job and position. You shall keep reminding them that you still have a strong interest for the position.

4. Express Your Primary Qualifications

After expressing your interest in the position, you are advised to tell your primary qualifications and why you are suitable for the role. But again, try to be clear and brief by focusing on outstanding skills, which are worth mentioning.

5. Show Your Gratitude

It would be wise to show your thankfulness to the hiring team for their attention. When you are ending your follow-up, also provide means of communication so that they would be able to contact you when it is necessary.

How long should you wait to follow up on a job application?

Accountemps, a staffing firm, conducted a survey including more than 300 HR managers. And the firm did that survey so as to find the best time period for applicants to follow up on their job applications. And the result of the survey showed that 36 percent of the human resources managers suggested that an applicant shall follow their job application for between one or two weeks after the submission of their CV, resume, and letter.

How to follow up on a job application that is not heard back?

You spend quite time, energy, and work on preparing your CV, resume, and cover letter so as to apply for a remote working job. And, you look forward to a positive response from the hiring staff. However, after one or two weeks, there is no response at all.

The situation is prevalent for online and face-to-face applications, and you need to be aware that it is not personal. You did your best, but the hiring process for each company differs from each other a lot.

If there is no response after a reasonable amount of time period, it would be wise to send a notification email to the hiring manager. In the email, you can ask about the current status of your online application. In this way, you will show that you are still persuasive about the job and the position and confirm whether your application was received in the first place.

How do you respond to a status update on a job application?

You need to respond to the status update mail as soon as possible so as to show your interest to the hiring manager. A good response to a status update might look like this:

“Dear (Hiring Manager),

I hope all is well with you. Thank you for the status update about my application. It is very kind of you and appreciated.

I am looking forward to hearing more from you accordingly.

With best regards.”

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