Whether we are happy with remote working or not, online video chat tools like Zoom and Zoom alternatives have gained a lot of popularity. The radical change in the business and education world, especially after the pandemic, pushed us all to become virtual beings in a virtual environment. When such is the case, we always keep searching. Although Zoom globally dominated the online video call realm, it sometimes causes a few minor problems such as connection problems and time limits.

Zoom is widely used for virtual social events such as virtual parties or game nights. But when it comes to professional needs such as educational activities or business meetings every second counts, and connection problems may lead to major problems.

Before we dive into alternative tools, let’s take a look closer look at Zoom.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing program that is frequently used by students and remote workers around the world. It is preferred because of its easy use and user-friendly interface. Zoom, which can be used for free, is also compatible with Android and iOS phones.

However, Zoom has been criticized for security issues and limiting the meeting durations. This has lead to a search for alternative online conference tools. If you are looking for alternative video conferencing programs, here are the most preferred Zoom alternative programs of 2021:

1. Dialpad

zoom alternative

Dialpad is an easy-to-use Zoom alternative that appeals to all workplace types, from small businesses to large enterprises, from remote workers to freelancers.

Dialpad has an incredible working understanding that combines all possibilities within itself. Dialpad is used not only for videoconferencing meetings but also for sending and receiving SMS, making phone calls and even sending faxes!

In order to access all the features of Dialpad, which only offers video conferencing features for free, such as sending SMS and making calls, all you need to do is to switch to the paid version, which requires an affordable price of $15 per user per month.

2. Google Meet

zoom alternative google meets

Google Meet provides great convenience to your group meetings by working seamlessly with Google’s other tools such as Calendar and Gmail. Offering the video conferencing service without any problems, Google also offers an answering service with the Hangouts tool.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, which is highly appreciated by users, offers video meetings and VoIP calling services as well as chat. One of the features that make Microsoft Teams special is its integration with Microsoft 365. In this way, while using Teams, you can edit the applications in the Outlook or Office suite in real-time and share them with your teammates.

4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a generally business-oriented tool that focuses on making remote work life easier. It comes as part of the GoTo business solutions suite. Offering similar features such as screen mirroring and smart meeting rooms, as well as unique features such as the use of a drawing tool to annotate meetings.

5. Cisco Webex

The lack of meeting duration limit in Cisco Webex makes it a real competitor to Zoom while making it more attractive for large calls. Call quality is also generally better than Zoom. They have common features such as file transfer, call recording and password-protected meetings.

6. RingCentral

RingCentral has functions that include phone calling and messaging just like Dialpad. Combining robust communication channels in a single application makes RingCentral preferable.

7. Zoho Meeting

Compatible with other tools in the Zoho product line, Zoho Meeting is a basic video-conferencing application. What makes Zoho a challenging Zoom alternative is its affordable price rather than its extra features.

8. Whereby

Whereby is a basic application that offers video conferencing services. Besides its attractive and elegant interface, and functionality, it really looks better and has better video quality than Zoom. So, it can be considered a great Zoom alternative.

What should I use instead of Zoom?

If you are looking for an alternative just for video conferencing, you can turn to alternatives such as Zoho, Cisco Webex and Google Meet.

Is Google Meet better than Zoom?

It can be said that Google Trends is more preferable to Zoom, as it works in harmony with Google’s other tools. Still, it would be wrong to say that there is a clear difference between the two unless you use other Google workspace tools.

What are virtual communications?

Virtual communication is the communication of people who are not in the same physical environment, but who see and hear each other in a virtual environment.

Originally posted on December 8, 2021 @ 9:00 pm