There is a new way of accommodating nowadays in USA, which happens to be named “co-living.” In this concept, three or more otherwise unrelated people live in the same space, sharing common amenities and services. Co-living is known for offering an affordable, entertaining, and more productive lifestyle in general, and today we are here to share the top 10 co-living spaces in the United States.

Co-living spaces first became popular in Europe, and as people saw how plausible and fun they could be, they expanded to the world. The co-living market is as extensive as it gets, with endless options and opportunities. Since different people have different preferences, options being this abundant can be considered a good thing – but not necessarily. It is also a reason that makes it harder for the best ones to shine among the myriad of options.

However, this does not mean you cannot find a good, affordable, and comfortable co-living space – you just need to do your homework first. Without further ado, let’s first see why co-living spaces are that much of a deal, followed by the list of top 10 co-living spaces in the USA.

Why is Co-living so Popular?

The accommodation itself is a big issue. Finding a nice place that is not out of your budget but still close to where you work, the neighborhood being safe and entertaining, having a roommate or not… Thinking about those questions can be overwhelming.

Co-living offers a new way of accommodating, well actually, a new way of living. It is mainly preferred by those who need a whole new living space where they can pay less, focus more, have more fun, and socialize more. In its essence, co-living is sharing your life with others while creating a cozy environment together and staying on a budget.

Moreover, co-living lightens the weight of moving to another place. You will have many essentials in the common areas, so your personal belongings are the only stuff you will need to bring. There is no need to buy house gadgets as you move in since they all will most probably be there.

Additionally, you will be in a social environment. It might be challenging to make friends when you first move to a new place – this is especially the case when you are changing cities or countries. Your co-living roommates can be your new social circle to spend time with, do activities together, and chill.

All that being said, co-living is a great deal unless you are one of those who prefers being alone at all times. Less money spent, more time socializing, great amenities, and facilities at your service for you to focus, be productive, and stay active. What a wonderful life!

Everything said, let’s get a peek at Remotto’s list of top 10 co-living spaces in the USA.

Outsite Manhattan Midtown – New York City

top co-living spaces in usa

Outsite Manhattan Midtown offers the typical New York City apartment lifestyle, akin to the ones that you see in How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Sex and the City, and Gossip Girl. In comparison to typical high New York City rents, Outsite offers a quite affordable co-living space when compared to typical rent and living expenses in New York City.

Everything in the space is nicely decorated and ready to use. All the common areas are fully equipped. Moreover, the space offers a great environment for working with its fast-speed Wi-Fi.

Ambitious CoLiving – Los Angeles

Moving on from the NYC lifestyle, Ambitious CoLiving is the perfect coliving place to experience Los Angeles. The environment is designed to represent the typical Los Angeles atmosphere, which is the best environment for creative minds and those who think out of the box. It’s most likely that you will meet with like-minded people if you match with Los Angeles vibes in general.

Ambitious CoLiving offers two different rooms you can choose from, one being private and the other one being the master room. The prices might be a little high if you want a place on a budget, but the amenities and services are surely worth every penny. You can experience coliving with the privacy you need in Ambitious CoLiving.

Roam – Miami

Roam is a rooted coliving space taking place in Miami. The space is located next to a river, offering an outstanding nature experience away from the city’s noise and crowd. Roam has three other branches around the world since it is pretty frequented and loved by its residents.

Four historic buildings are located in Roam, and there are many different facilities around those buildings. While  you experience a sort of pastoral life in Roam, you won’t be away from the city life either since the streets are full of restaurants, cafes, shops, and pubs. 

.908 – San Francisco

Another coliving space that is perfect for creative people is placed in San Francisco. Located in a quite central place, you can find everything you want and get to every place you need within minutes. .908 offers much more than just being a roof to live under. It also offers a great co-living experience.

Moreover, .908 is known for its outstanding events and having a great community. You can find different events to attend for fueling your productivity, creativity, and perspective. The atmosphere there is friendly, so the chances of you being left alone are quite low. The workplaces in .908 are perfect for focusing. Moreover, there are different accommodation options where you can choose to stay alone or in a shared room.

Haven Coliving – California

This wellness-themed coliving space in California offers a different deal than the other typical coliving places. If you are a spiritual person who aspires for personal growth with like-minded people, then you would love Haven Coliving. The place offers daily activities including but not limited to group jogs, breathwork, yoga and outdoor exercises.

Living in a busy environment might be a tricky thing, especially if you tend to neglect your self-care. In Haven Coliving, you will not only have the opportunity but the motivation to work on yourself and have a better mind.

The interior design of Haven Coliving is well equipped, and you can find everything you need. Moreover, if you are looking for a place to socialize, the events organized in Haven Coliving can help you a lot both in terms of finding like-minded people and expanding your social network.

The Forge – Portland

Modern co-living places might be great, but not for those who are bored of everyday standards. The Forge in Portland offers a different perspective than the traditional and the modern ones. The Forge is a big house with eight bedrooms, offering a different co-living experience.

Moreover, if you are a person who is focused on their career, the common workplace in The Forge might be the perfect reason why to choose this place (it’s 400 square meters, by the way). The other common areas include a kitchen, tea lounge, and a sunroom. The prices are not on the moon, considering the services and living standards you will get there.

Dryfter – Colorado

If apartments and houses are not your kinds of living space, then you might be interested in Dryfter’s huge living space, which looks more like a campus. You will get to live in a place with a massive backyard and lots of activities to do. Moreover, while you experience those, you will not be away from the city center.

The place is known for being perfect for digital nomads, especially those who need a convenient place to work whenever they would like. The coworking space in Dryfter is more than satisfactory, offering an environment to work with others and having your own privacy at the same time.

The atmosphere in Dryfter is known for being accepting, friendly, and positive. You can rent a place in Dryfter on a weekly or monthly basis.

Santa Monica Beach Co-living – Los Angeles

You can experience the tropical side of Los Angeles by accommodating and experiencing Santa Monica Beach Co-living. The area is mainly preferred by entrepreneurs, digital nomads, remote workers, and creative minds. If one of those definitions fits you, then the chances of you meeting with like-minded people are quite high.

The shared areas in Santa Monica Beach Co-living are well-designed and comfortable. There are lots of activities to do both in the neighborhood and the place itself. Moreover, you will get to benefit from a weekly housekeeping service. Last but not least, you will get to live 15 minutes away from the beach, on foot!

L Logan– Chicago

L coliving space in Chicago is one of the most modern coliving spaces you can ever find. It offers an accommodation option and a lifestyle that you see on TV, with like-minded people. If you enjoy an urban lifestyle, then the environment and opportunities in L can be perfect for you.

Moreover, you can rent an apartment in the L coliving complex if you still want to get all the benefits of coliving while preserving your privacy. There are also rooms to rent as well. The price range is quite wide, changing from 695 USD to 6,500 USD per month, meaning that everyone can find a suitable option for themselves.

Selina – New Orleans

With six branches in the USA and many more across the world, Selina is a coliving space that knows the business well. Selina takes the experience aspect of coliving very seriously and offers lots of different authentic activities to its residents. The place has won several awards globally, and the residents seem to enjoy it, maybe a bit too much.

The company describes itself as an “ecosystem,” which is right on the spot. The places you will stay are well-designed and equipped, and the common areas are perfect for socializing and meeting with people. Besides, you won’t be away from city life. The workplaces in Selina are extensive, offering the perfect opportunity for those who want to boost their productivity.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a form of communal living, where people can live together in a complex and use the common areas. The rooms might be private or shared. It is a very popular way of lifestyle since it is convenient and affordable for people from every walk of life. 

What are the best coliving places in the USA?

Some of the best coliving places in the USA include Outsite, Selina, L Logan, The Forge, and .908. There are many other coliving places in the USA, all offering a different and unique experience.

Is coliving expensive?

While there might be some high-end and luxurious coliving places, coliving is not expensive in general. In fact, one of the main points of co-living is the reduced costs. However, some people prefer coliving for the sake of the experience and are willing to pay more than they would for a private rental.

Is coliving safe?

Coliving is known for being quite safe, even safer than living alone, especially if you are in a big city. Since you will be living with pre-screened other people, and the place is run by a company, there are no reasons for it not to be safe.

Originally posted on November 20, 2021 @ 5:31 pm