Co-living apartments are gaining popularity as each day passes. Given that they offer a great deal in terms of living costs, many people are choosing co-living places as an alternative for living alone. Moreover, those kinds of places are especially popular in Europe, which will be mentioned in our list of best co-living places in Europe.

In the most basic words, a co-living place is an environment that allows multiple people to live together. You should have heard the term “roommate” or “dormitory,” but a co-living place is slightly different from both of them. It would be better to refer to co-living places as “residential community living models.” In terms of definition, co-living places are characterized by three or more unrelated people living together.

Moreover, co-living places are beyond just being a shared space. They typically include various experiences, the experiences coming from living with like-minded people. In co-living places, the rooms are typically separate, but the common areas like the working areas, kitchen, and bathrooms are used by all residents. This varies depending on the characteristics of the co-living place.

As we mentioned earlier, this article is dedicated to the top 10 co-living places in Europe. But before that, we will elaborate on why co-living places matter and living in one can be a good idea.

Let’s get started!

Why are co-living places important?

By solely looking for the definition, it might be challenging to internalize why co-living places carry a great significance and why they can be an option for you. As a process, finding a place to live is a tough one. There are many things to consider, who will you be living with, how much money you can spend, what will your life look like…

It can be said that co-living places carry two critical values: saving money and socializing. Sometimes it is not even all about saving money; there are super luxurious co-living places that can cost you more than renting a place. What matters in those places is the comfort, social community environment, productivity, and lifestyle in general.

On the other hand, sometimes co-living places can be the perfect option for those who don’t have a large budget for housing. Since you will be sharing expenses with at least two people, the costs will surely decrease.

But hey, why wouldn’t a co-living place offer you both? A place that is cost-efficient and comfortable to live in?

Indeed, it is possible. In fact, that’s why most people prefer co-living places to regular apartments.

Moreover, co-living has one more crucial benefit: being around like-minded people. Co-living is a great way of socializing, connecting, and networking. This works wonders, especially if you are new to a city and looking for people to connect with. The concept of co-living includes shared areas, where you can do many activities with your co-living mates.                                     

In the bottom line, the following are the benefits of co-living places that also makes it an important concept:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Social opportunities
  • Less financial liability
  • Improved productivity
  • More enjoyable lifestyle

Now that you know the details about co-living places, it is time to see the top co-living places in Europe.

Sun and Co. – Javea, Spain

We’re starting off our list with the lovely Spain town, Javea. The town is located at the seaside, and many digital nomads prefer this destination. The place includes many opportunities that a good co-living space must have to make working and living more enjoyable.

The place offers a wide range of opportunities to make the living space as comfortable as possible. You will get to experience a “company culture” in the place you live. Sun and Co. is a great place to find like-minded people and make your accommodation experience as outstanding as possible.

Moreover, Sun and Co. state that their mission is to “make remote work easy.” If you are a remote worker and need a co-living place, Sun and Co. might be the right option for you in Spain.

Chateau Co-living – Normandy, France

One of the most extraordinary (in the best way possible) co-living experiences can be found in Chateau Co-living in France. The name is pretty self-explanatory. You will get to try the co-living experience in a real “chateau”. We’re not kidding!

The place is perfectly convenient for digital nomads and remote workers to offer a space to live and work. There are lots of shared amenities to use, including but not limited to socializing areas, workplaces, and outdoor activities. The place is located in nature, so you will get to have lots of fresh air whenever you like, and, who knows, maybe see a rabbit. And of course, you will get to experience living in a chateau!

Coconat – Bad Belzig, Germany

Coconat is a place that is both used for co-living and co-working. There are various activities and amenities in the place, including outdoor activities, accommodation, and working facilities.  The place is designed like a campus, occupying a large space both outdoors and indoors.

The place is designed to offer an environment in which the residents can have a deeper focus while enjoying the opportunities provided by Coconat.  In fact, the name comes from the phrase “community and concentrated work in nature.” The place is an hour away from Berlin and easy to transport. For some people, it is better to focus while they are in nature and outside of the city’s crowd. Coconat can be a good option for you, if you happen to be one of these people.

Swiss Escape – Grimentz, Switzerland

Another top-rated co-living place in Europe is in Switzerland. “Swiss Escape” is a pretty on-point name for the place since you’ll be able to get the whole Switzerland experience there.

You’ll get to live in chalets, in a typical Swiss village. There are many different activities you can participate in, including but not limited to making cheese fondue on mountains, seeing cows as you hike around the neighborhood, and of course, skiing.

Additionally, Swiss Escape offers outstanding workplaces for its residents who want to stay productive. The internet connection is pretty fast, and the workplace, in general, is quite a convenient place for focusing.

Casa Netural – Matera, Italy

Casa Netural – Incubatore 2017 / photo Pierangelo Laterza

As you may already know, Matera is a UNESCO-listed town. Located there, Casa Netural offers you the opportunity to live in one of the best co-living places in Europe. The town is as dreamy as it gets, and everybody is welcome there.

Co-living opportunities are high quality and convenient. In other words, you can find everything you may expect from a co-living place in Casa Netural. The workplace options in Casa Netural make it a frequented place for digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. You can find everything you need to focus on your work in Casa Netural.

Moreover, there is an international community where you can socialize and get help if you need to. One of the most essential components of co-living spaces is like-minded people, which is another thing you get to have in Casa Netural.

CoCoHub – Birgu, Malta

CoCoHub in Malta offers an outstanding co-living experience with its 400-year-old townhouse. Besides, you can find and feel the cultural heritage of Malta while staying there, which would make your experience more outstanding than just being a regular co-living experience.

But of course, you will get everything you can expect from a co-living space in general. You will get to use all the amenities and services, focus on your work in the workplace, and explore the area in your free time. How cool is that?

Place Flagey Mansion– Brussels, Belgium

One of the most bohemian co-living places out there is located in Brussels, Belgium. If you want to experience co-living in a whole mansion, then this is the right place for you.

This mansion has a quota of 15 people, so you really need to be fast if you want to be a part of it. There is literally everything you can ask from a co-living place in Place Flagey Mansion, including but not limited to a well-equipped gym, movie room, common areas, workplaces, and much more.

Moreover, the location of Place Flagey Mansion makes it a frequented place. If you don’t want to give up on luxury while socializing in a co-living environment and living close to the city, Place Flagey Mansion can be the right option for you.

Playworking – Montenegro

One of the most cost-efficient co-living spaces in Europe is located in Montenegro. If you want to experience co-living in a friendly environment by nature and the ocean, then Playworking is a pretty convenient option for you.

The place is typically preferred by adventure seekers, who want to focus on their work and socialize at the same time. The place offers a wide range of activities to do during your stay, so you can get a lot of outdoor time and control your work-life balance.

The common areas of Playwork are more than satisfactory. You will get many different places to work, cook, chill and have fun.

Mokrin House – Mokrin, Serbia

Mokrin House is a very much loved co-living space in Serbia. In fact, the area it occupies is so large that it is safe to refer to Mokrin House as a village. If you do not like being restricted in a particular space and would love a big area for yourself, then Mokrin House should be on your list.

Moreover, Mokrin House is the perfect example of Scandinavian architecture. You can have the experience of living in Serbia while accommodating and working there. The common areas are well-designed by seeking the residents’ comfort and enjoyment. In fact, there are talented chefs working there, ready to cook the most delicious meals for you.

Since you will have chefs with you, you won’t need to deal with the challenges of cooking. This will give you enough time to work and enjoy your little village life in the best way possible.

Sende – Senderiz, Spain

One of the most popular co-living places in both Spain and Europe is Sende. The whole place is dedicated to being more than just an accommodation option. Instead, they aspire to offer the best co-living experience out there.

In Sende, you will be expected to help with the house chores, so be ready for it. It is also a part of the experience, and it can be quite entertaining rather than boring when you consider it a form of socializing. However, there are also plenty of places to chill, have fun, and party. The facility includes a pool, many local shops and bakeries, and everything you can expect from a typical northern Spain village.

What is a co-living place?

A co-living place is a place where more than three unrelated people live together. The co-living places around the world are pretty advanced now, offering an experience rather than just being an accommodation option.

Are co-living places comfortable?

Co-living places are known for being comfortable. Of course, the answer to this question may vary from one place to another. However, in general, those places are designed to be comfortable.

What is the difference between co-living and co-housing?

In co-living, there are relatively more common and shared areas in comparison to co-housing. In co-housing, there is more freedom, and everybody tends to have their own space and belongings.

How does co-living work?

Co-living works with the same logic as the shared housing arrangement. Typically, there are common areas people in the co-living place use, and everybody has their own rooms. However, rooms sometimes can be shared as well. The aim of co-living is to reduce the accommodation costs, socialize, and have a better experience in general.

Originally posted on December 24, 2021 @ 4:59 pm