Relocation for a job, as it is understood by its name, is an employer asking you to move closer to the company’s office. Relocation for work generally comes with a package to help you out and make it worth it for you. Well, the company makes the offer and the rest is up to you. The important thing here is to make a fair consideration by considering the situation thoroughly. What are you going to say?

If you have second thoughts, we are here to save you from this trouble. Our guide will help you clarify your thoughts with steps and tips about relocation for a job. It is time to move on! (By move on, we mean move on.) Read the article to make sure what are the problems and issues you might face and how to handle these.

How Does a Job Relocation Work?


You have to think correctly about when an employer asks you to move. It could be sometimes that you attract the attention of an employer from another city or country with your highly developed skills or your current boss might ask you to move with them. However, the important part is not that. It is about what comes next.

Here are approximately the steps when you are preparing relocation for a job:

1. Negotiate a relocation package

The adventurous soul inside you might want to jump on the job offer but you need to consider the process before making a deal. You have to ask your employer about their plan of how to assist you during your move. Do they provide you with any services to make your move easier? Or, do they pay back your moving expenses? What does the relocation package cover? You need to know all of these details. It is beneficial to contact their human resources department.

2. Take a look at your new office

You might want to see your intended new office before making any decisions. Take time off to see the new office and meet your potential colleagues. Introducing yourself before you go helps you in the adaptation process. In this way, you will have some opinions about both the city and the office. Try to spend some time there.

3. Calculate your cost of living

You need to take into consideration the cost of living in a new city. Prior to buying a home or renting a flat, make research about the prices. You need to know the prices of transportation, taxes, and social life in your next destination.

4. Forward your mail

It might be odd to use traditional mail instead of electronic ones in the digital age but, just in case, you have to forward your mail. You might miss some important news and invitations.

5. Move in before you start working

It is better for you to settle before starting working. In this way, you will have enough time to unpackage and handle the legal paperwork, and little stuff at the home. Otherwise, if your employer asks you to move in right away, you should ask if they arrange a permanent home or a hotel room for you.

6. Save your moving expenses

If your employer offers you a relocation package, you better save your moving expenses. In most cases, employers want you to send all of your moving expenses to pay them back. You shall collect all of your receipts to send to your employer later.

Relocation Companies: What Can They Do For You?

boxes leaning on cardboard box

We prepared a comprehensive list of what companies can do for you if you are relocating for a job:

Relocation trips

Changing your environment, looking for a new home most probably will cost lots of money. In fact, if you are moving to another country, it’s much more challenging. But in this case, employers must step in. Some employers generally reimburse for your expenses such as airplane tickets, hotels, and visa fees.

Cover rent expenses

Your employers might cover your closing costs or when signing a new contract, they might also cover move-in fees on behalf of you. If you are a renter in your current city, your employer also may cover the penalties if you are breaking the lease.

Temporary housing

Suppose you do not have enough savings or time to buy a new house. In this situation, your employer might arrange temporary housing for you to live for a while.

Moving expenses and moving assistance

The company can help you find professional shipping and moving, or they can cover these costs to make your relocation easier.

Because costs are highly variable from country to country, it is pointless to estimate the exact cost for relocation. So, you need to take into consideration these features when you choose a company. Or, you shall ask about these features in your relocation package to make the process easier for you. If these features fit you in both financially and socially, you might consider uprooting your life towards new opportunities.

Managing Employee Relocation: What’s HR’s Role?

As well as relocation is important for an employee, it is also crucial for employers, too. It has to be well managed due to lots of factors such as policy development, and economic conditions. Many companies offer relocation to incorporate new talents into their structure.

Attracting new talents’ attention to their structure is one of the biggest concerns of companies. Employee relocation is crucial for companies’ future in terms of working with the best talents. Because of that, companies need to leave a maintaining budget for the relocation program.

The employee relocation program can include many benefits for new employees targeted to be incorporated into the company. These may include ease of relocation, relocation costs, support for family members, job assistance for the spouse, and temporary/permanent housing, as mentioned.

For companies, retaining a good employee is much more important than the expenses they pay for the relocation package. However, once the employees have adjusted to the environment, the possibility of leaving the current company by taking other job offers should also be considered.

For this reason, although it is recommended to have a stable relocation policy for all employees, this may vary depending on the position and hierarchical position of the employees in the company.

One of the most important things for companies to do is to offer a relocation package that will show their employees that they value them. Even if the company cannot cover all the costs, it has to cover the majority of the costs.

Role of the Human Resources Department

The Human Resources department is the most circumspect department of a company. For this reason, they have an important place in the relocation of the employee. The human resources department works with all other parts of the company. Therefore, it is easier for them to decide how a relocation program can improve the company’s strategy, and they can evaluate the pros and cons list more objectively.

Human resources employees work with the company’s business partners and chief operating officers. Policies and evaluations are carried out jointly. In addition, the department is highly helpful in identifying the right employees for relocation and the most suitable ones for the current position. They also resolve legal problems that may be involved, such as taxes and immigration. In short, the human resources department is involved from start to finish. It also works with legal departments to resolve all legal issues.

A good HR department should work on the financial strategy of the relocation program. The HR department arranges the financial adjustments of the relocation program, arranging what the company will include in the relocation package. For this reason, they have to agree with companies and other organizations in order to provide the best service and to carry out the agreement positively for both sides.

What does relocation mean in a job?

Job relocation is the situation in which an employer asks you to move to be close to the company office.

Do jobs pay you to relocate?

It depends on companies’ policies. But they generally do.

How much salary do I need to relocate?

Salary varies according to the country you are in and the region you will be moving to. It is not possible to give a definite answer. However, you have to overlook a substantial amount.

Should I uproot my life for a job?

This varies depending on the job you are offered, your position in the company, and the salary you will receive. If you believe you can adapt, then yes.

Originally posted on November 27, 2021 @ 7:35 pm