Balance is one of the key concepts of the modern world. Especially if you work remotely you undoubtedly need to arrange the time you allocate to your social life and work-life. Otherwise, your daily routine will most probably be messed up. Who wants an irregular life, right? Indeed, it does not matter how much you want to be balanced but sometimes we just cannot. Sometimes, we have trouble keeping balance or creating spare time for friends and family. Here is when organization apps step in to help us!

You really don’t need to do anything. All you’ll do is write down and follow the instructions you create! We might forget to create some time for ourselves in this crazy chaotic world. But remember, balance is everything. Of course, we cannot always hang out with people we love, but again, it is not fair to spend all your time working.

What you need to do is create a to-do list with tools developed for this. Also, some meditation or yoga would be helpful for focusing, too. Moving your body in the way it deserves would help clarify your mind and be more productive. You’re in to learn more? Let’s continue!

Creating a More Balanced Lifestyle

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Work-life balance is absolutely needed for everyone. First, you have to find what you really care for. Basically, it is hard to choose the other thing over what is important for you. To become a master of something, you might need to sacrifice the rest. It might be work, social life, family, or just “me time”. What we mean by “sacrifice” is prioritizing one thing over the other.

Let’s dive in to see how work-life balance makes our life easier:

Reduces stress

We accept that creating balance is hard, especially if you are a remote worker. But isn’t it -really- stressful?

As you know, the work-life balance is created by your choices. Sometimes, you really need to let it go and take a break for a while. Similarly, if you do not have the required time to finish work, you should not agree to it in the first place. Or, you just need to learn how to delegate it when necessary.

The key is being able to say no to what is not a priority for you. It is okay to put your own well-being first! 

Boundaries for all of us

Having boundaries is not going to hurt anyone. You should not feel guilty for saying no. Forcing yourself and not being productive under a pile of unfinished projects is not going to help you or your employer either.

Helps to improve your mental well-being

To begin with, pressure is not our friend! We do not know who said that, but we are pretty sure that is a lie. A balanced life means a happier life. Staying away from pressure will help you clarify your mind and literally breathe! A more balanced life -most probably- will lead you to be aware of your thoughts and emotions. In this way, you can deal with them in a healthier way.

Better physical health

There is an actual correlation between work-life balance and physical health! When your life is balanced, you will start to feel better, sleep better and eat better.

Improves relationships 

While you balance your work and life, you will be able to live in the present moment more than ever. In that way, you will give your beloved ones more attention. That means more quality time, too!

How Can Organizing Daily Work Load Help Boosting Productivity?

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Being organized is a choice and an essential one. When you cannot be organized in your daily work life, it is very likely that things may go off the road. On top of that, being organized has several benefits, such as but not limited to being more productive. Let’s find out about other benefits of being well organized.

Increasing productivity

Being organized means that you have already made the adjustments you need to make before starting work. So when you start working in an organized manner, you will have already planned what to do. Similarly, doing your research in advance saves a lot of time. Well, when this is the case, your efficiency and productivity will surely increase! 

Reducing stress

When walking on a tightrope, the most helpful thing to do is to stay calm. If you keep everything in order, when your employer wants you to find a file from years ago or has a question about the content you wrote months ago, you can easily handle it. Thanks to the magic of organizing, you’ll be able to find everything and anything at a good clip.


Consistency, punctuality, and being organized are three close friends that go hand in hand. You should use your time efficiently and always be punctual. You can use apps to avoid spending too much time on a task. This way, you manage your time properly and you do not get overwhelmed.


When you get several tasks or projects in a row, it is possible to forget about or miss deadlines. You can use reminder apps to avoid this risk! In this way, you won’t get stressed.

The bottom line is, being organized will truly make your life a lot easier. When you start to plan your day and do your best to stick with it, you’ll see how smoothly things tend to go. Of course, you may encounter unexpected problems, but at least you’ll eliminate the ones you have control over.

6 Apps That Will Help You Get Organized

Now that we’ve mentioned how important organizing is, it’s time to talk about how you can do that. Going for the good-old pen and paper is always an option, but there are fantastic apps out there that you can use to manage your time and tasks. So, let’s dive in:

1. is a great planning app available for Android and iOS. You can remind yourself of project deadlines, as well as the birthdays of your loved ones! If you are looking for an application that will help you in all areas of your life, here it is!

Bonus: You can sync it app with your smartwatch!

2. Friday

Yes, an app that will make even your work days feel like Friday! Friday lets you manage all your projects, meetings, and deadlines in one place. It’s especially useful for tracking and organizing your work-related tasks.


Sunsama, an application where you can prepare daily and weekly to-do lists, is a great organizer for you! Supporting and helping multitask, Sunsama has worked well for many professionals! Additionally, you can sync it with a Google calendar.


Using the Kanban board system, Trello lets you easily organize your days and months. It also lets you collaborate with your colleagues in real-time.


Todoist is one of the best organizational apps to plan your tasks. Easy to use, Todoist is quite user-friendly with a simple interface. Todoist offers many different features that make it easier to organize your day.


A great app for project management, ClickUp makes it easy to track projects with your teammates. With its user-friendly interface and several functionalities, ClickUp is pleasant to use.

Why is Work-Life Balance Important?

In order to have a balanced life, we first need to understand what work-life balance is. Unlike the common belief, balance is not something you can look for to find. But, it is something you create. Balance is created by you, rather than something found in life. You can start with not obsessing over time and not forcing yourself to do something. The important thing is staying in the present moment. It is simply about your mindset, doing what you feel at a given moment.

If you want to achieve bigger goals in your professional life, try to do it without sacrificing your health and wellbeing. No one should feel guilty for setting boundaries. We need to learn that first. We cannot have it all, we are only humans after all. Letting go is as much important as pushing ourselves.

How to organize a workplace?

You can start by making a to-do list a day ahead. Keep your desk and workspace tidy, get help from applications that will help you manage time.

How to get organized at work when overwhelmed?

As we said, balance! Determine what is a priority for you. Take a deep breath, if possible, complete your toughest task first thing in the morning. Take a short break and relax! A short meditation break might work.

How can I understand that I am overwhelmed when working?

You will see the obvious signs. For example, if you have trouble relaxing, days and hours seem to be not enough and your work keeps piling up, then you’re probably overwhelmed.

Originally posted on November 27, 2021 @ 12:34 pm