We all know that working remotely has many benefits for both the company and the employees. Remote workers can work in the comfort of their homes, they can enjoy flexibility, get rid of the hassle of traffic, and find the chance to spend time with their loved ones. Employers, on the other hand, profit from the costs of setting up a traditional office. Also, they can recruit employees who they choose as teammates from anywhere they want. When you think about it like that, it is a win-win!

However, besides these benefits, there are also some problems. No, we are not talking about everyday business problems. What we are talking about is a lack of connectivity. Whether you are a large company, a start-up working with remote workers, or an employer who works with freelancers. If you can’t make your employees feel connected, they will not be your employees anymore!

Remote workers sometimes don’t feel very connected to the company they work for. But our tips for solving this situation are ready!

Feeling Loyalty for Business: Why Does It Matter?

There is no one who does not know the importance of employees feeling connected to the company. But the real issue is the balance between employee loyalty and customer loyalty! A loyal employee contributes to the entire business. For this reason, it is a crucial point for companies to make their employees feel connected.

Most employees often quit because they are bored unless they have a problem at work or are not worried about their salary.

Because remote workers work from different locations and from their own homes, they do not get the chance to connect with the company and their colleagues. If your remote workers feel left out and can’t connect with the company, they are more likely to have productivity problems. Therefore, they may not pay the necessary attention to the job or they may quit the job directly. This causes the company to suffer a huge loss of turnover.

10 Tips to Make Remote Employees Feel Connected

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If you want to make your remote team feel connected, we would like to remind you that communication is the key.

1. Keep an open line of communication

If you want your remote team to stay connected to your company, you better listen to them, really. Employees will naturally feel more important when they feel truly heard. If you want your employees to feel valued, listen to their requests and let them reach you. Be open to communication, build an employer-employee relationship where employees can voice their opinions without hesitation.

2. Importance of honest feedback and constructive criticism

If you contact your employees by providing feedback frequently, they will know that their work has been truly scrutinized. You should appreciate the good aspects of your employees and politely point out rooms for improvement with honest and constructive criticism. Constructive communication in this way leads to more intimate relationships.

3. Use collaboration apps

Communication does not have to be limited to just e-mail. In addition to messaging applications such as WhatsApp, you can both stay in touch with your team and carry out collaborative work easily thanks to tools such as Slack, Google Meet, OneDrive.

4. Weekly video meetings

Setting up weekly video conferences not only leads to increased creativity within the company but also increases employee engagement by allowing them to communicate with each other and you as if they were face-to-face. Sounds fun.

5. Try to be clear in your communications

Teasing your employees or making jokes may be a part of your character. But since there is physical distance, it’s important to play it safe. Especially if you do not know each other at all! Therefore, you should stay away from offensive language and conduct the communication process in a transparent manner.

6. Provide flexibility

One of the favorite aspects of remote working is that there are no specific working hours like the traditional office approach. If you allow your employees to work flexible hours, you will be more likely to receive positive feedback for your company. Some may have children, some may be sick that day, or some may be night owls!

7. Organize entertaining company events

Of course, we are not saying that you should gather everyone and have a party. But you do not have to be physically together to show your employees that you value them! Even remembering someone’s birthday and sending a “happy birthday” GIF is a gesture in itself.

On the other hand, you can keep your employees satisfied by establishing company traditions such as regular online game sessions.

8. Create a mentorship program

A mentor who will guide employees and help them when they have a problem will make both sides happy. That way, you do not have to deal with minor problems and your employees can benefit from the wisdom of their mentors!

9. Celebrate your team

You can turn this into a monthly tradition. Celebrating and rewarding your employees will also benefit you by increasing their commitment to the job. You can do that in various ways, such as bonuses, gift certificates, coupons, etc.

10. Plan a yearly company retreat

It will be good for everyone to gather the whole team together annually! In this way, you will move beyond the virtual connections and you will have the opportunity to meet everyone in person. This will make both you and your employees happy and will lead the team to feel like a family.

How to make remote employees feel appreciated?

Here comes the fun part.

·       Learn about them: Which shows do your team like and what do they do in a day? Trying to have a conversation about a topic that everyone enjoys is always a good idea. Let your team feel less isolated and make them realize that they are cared for.

·       Regular feedback: When you provide regular feedback to your team, they will know that you truly care about their work. In this way, they both find the opportunity to develop themselves and feel more important for the company.

·       Send gift cards: When you want to appreciate or reward your team, do not just do it with words! Send them a gift card.

·       Plan a virtual party: Everyone gets in front of the screen and grabs a drink. No work today, just having fun! Meeting and chatting with the team, listening to them, and making the team feel appreciated.

How to make remote employees feel engaged?

In fact, there is nothing different from what we are talking about.

·       Stay in touch with the team, benefit from technology.
·       Encourage interaction, lead.
·       Show your employees you care, do not just do it with words.
·       Ask for feedback and listen actively.
·       Give employees the tools to be successful, reward them.

How to make remote employees feel respected?

·       Always be courteous to your employees, they are not your employees, they are your servants.
·       Really listen to their ideas,
·       Keep them updated,
·       Help them adapt to the company,
·       Make sure everyone has their own voice, create this environment,
·       Stay away from offensive and exclusionary style, remove those who do.

Be helpful: When there is a problem irrelevant with your team, make sure your employees don’t feel guilty about that. Be helpful and assist them to find a solution, or ask help from a professional.

How do you engage staff virtually?

As we mentioned, there are several methods for this. For example, by allocating a share of the company’s budget, you can set the stage for the team to come together and get to know each other. These subtle considerations will connect virtual employees to the company. You can also engage your employees by glorifying or giving them a bonus.

Originally posted on February 22, 2022 @ 7:47 pm