Are you wondering about the remote working job opportunities that will become the most popular ones in 2022? You already know how a huge hit working remotely has recently got with the effect of the pandemic. People can now do great stuff like running a large company, or successfully advancing their careers while not even leaving their homes. But how?

Here is what Statista says: Before COVID-19, only 17% of employees were adopted to remote working. It was understood that this number reached 44% as of April 2021, when the effects of the pandemic continued. On the other hand, almost every study suggests that as the effects of the pandemic begin to fade, some of these employees may return to work from the office.

However, since the changing working habits have reminded companies that different kinds of work styles can be adopted, it is thought that when we reach 2025, the rate of permanent remote workers will reach 22 percent, raising approximately 5% since the beginning.

Consider how big this change is: The modern work style is being reshaped.

Before Covid:

After Covid:

Now, we will now examine the most exciting and already shining working from home jobs of 2022. Are you ready to dive in?

Most Popular Remote Career Paths Hiring Like Crazy – They All Pay $100,000 or More!

remote working jobs in 2022

There are many sectors where you can plan your career steps remotely. And, of course, the group we call “white collars” does it better. However, the development of sectors with new technological innovations enables automation, and automation enables remote management even in sectors such as logistics and transportation.

When we take a look at the most common remote work industries, we generally see that information technology dominates the fields. It seems that the processes of collecting, categorizing, processing data, and developing new technologies can be quite suitable for remote working, as they can be easily completed in the digital environment. These are as follows:

  1. Cybersecurity Remote Jobs
  2. Accounting & Finance Remote Jobs
  3. Customer Service Remote Jobs
  4. Digital Marketing Remote Jobs
  5. Education & Tutoring Remote Jobs
  6. Sales & eCommerce Remote Jobs

Remote Work From Home Jobs: 5 Different Descriptions

While planning your career, there are many jobs that you can catch and apply for. But especially 5 of them seem to shine in 2022. You can be hired part-time or full-time in one of these jobs as companies embrace remote working.

top remote opportunities

Software Engineer – For Cyber Security, Marketing, eCommerce Industries

It looks like the software engineer will be among the most popular remote working jobs of 2022. Note that your job description may differ when you are hired in different sectors. Generally, though, your duties will be one or more of the following:

  1. Finding and fixing vulnerabilities of a certain software
  2. Coding user and search engine friendly websites by adhering to their design plans
  3. Working as a digital payment project manager, making payment processes easy to manage
  4. Working as a site reliability engineer to develop new technologies that will ensure the digital security of companies
  5. Working as a DevOps engineer, making IT technologies useful and modern at an advanced level
  6. To complete the necessary work by taking an active role in mobile application development processes

How does it look?

The income of a software engineer working remotely ranges from $100,000 to $180,000 per year. If you make big breakthroughs by establishing your own venture, your income may even be higher than you can imagine.

Customer Service & Marketing Manager – For eCommerce, Sales Industries

While working as a marketing or customer service manager, you may have many tasks if you are asked to manage the process digitally. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Working as a director in marketing campaigns and creating strong strategies by analyzing the target audience, competitors, and the sector
  2. Working on the advertisement department as a creative copywriter
  3. To manage the marketing process holistically, from budget planning to contacting the necessary intermediaries
  4. Managing the strategies in different marketing channels (phone, e-mail, social media channels, call-to-action areas on the website, and more) where the target audience is waiting, completing communication and outreach responsibilities
  5. Managing a remote customer service team and performing regular performance monitoring

While customer-oriented marketing and product launch processes have developed so much recently, almost every company needs an employee who is creative enough and knows how to interpret data. Those working remotely in the field of customer service and marketing remote jobs can earn between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 annually.

Team Builders & HR Leaders – For Almost Every Industry

Large enough companies in every industry need an expert to control remote workers, recruit the right talents, and monitor their performance and report situations when necessary. When hiring individuals who work remotely, it is required to work with HR specialists who are experienced in working from home and know about the procedures: This makes it reasonable for the HR specialist to work remotely as well.

While working as a team builder or HR leader, you may be subject to one or more of the following job descriptions:

  1. Being in the head position for global talent acquisition and in this case, managing the recruitment processes for multiple branches and roles
  2. To follow up the sales performance of the employees by working as a global sales recruiter
  3. Contacting the right talents for the right jobs in the recruitment processes
  4. To provide communication between the company and the employees on various issues such as salary, performance, off-days

Online Tutors – For Education & Tutoring Industries

Tutoring does not only mean teaching as a freelancer on digital course platforms, as it is thought. Today, many universities, colleges, or online platforms are looking for qualified staff for full-time jobs to teach by making videos or live classes. As the fully digitalized education sector emerges, companies can make their digital information resources available online as a capsule, and do so with clever sales policies. While working as a tutor, you may be subject to one or more of the following job definitions:

  1. Preparing tutoring videos that are digitally accessible in your area of ​​employment and meet the required technical specifications
  2. Providing reports on the working process
  3. To provide tutoring service by participating in live classes with digital tools
  4. To follow up the course and homework of the students, to respond to the students who reach you on an academic subject by e-mail in the specified periods.

Accountant – For eCommerce & Sales Industries

Accountants, who organize the financial purposes of companies within the framework of a certain plan, organize the salary outputs of the employees or the income of the company, turn them into interpretable data. They can now easily work remotely for companies with the wide storage space and privacy technologies provided by cloud systems. When you are a remote accountant of a company, you may be subject to one or more of the following job descriptions:

  1. Follow-up and realization of tax payments that the company is liable for
  2. In-company personnel payments, keeping income and expense records
  3. Realization of the planning of determining short- and long-term financial goals
  4. Creating Journal entries, preparing and categorizing invoices

The average annual income of a remote accountant ranges from $ 100,000 to $160,000.

Why Remote Work Jobs be the Future of Work?

remote jobs

Many analysts suggest that remote working, or the hybrid model, is going to shape the new style of working, especially for the highly educated, well-paid minority of the workforce.

Specifically in the USA, the finance and insurance, management, professional, scientific and technical services, IT and communication technologies, and education sectors are expected to switch to a remote working style at a rate between 69% and 86% of the potential remote working rates in the next five years (See more at McKinsey). Another study by Gartner CFO suggests that even after the COVID-19 crisis is completely over, more than two-thirds of employees will continue to work remotely permanently. This marks a high rate of 74%. If this really happens, the traditional way we work may completely change.

Is a remote job the same as a work from home job?

Yes, but a remote job usually refers to working at a certain company and receiving a salary by doing one’s job without being physically present. When it comes to working from home jobs, it usually means someone who manages their own job.

What are some IT companies that allow remote work?

Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, HubSpot, Microsoft are among the top companies that allow remote working.

How do I find a remote job and work from home?

Subscribe to various platforms such as Indeed, Linkedin, Flexjobs, prepare a good resume, and apply for jobs that match your skill-set. A good resume and a rich enough LinkedIn profile can change a lot.

Does remote work make us more productive?

Many studies have found different results on this matter, but the consensus is that more than half of the employees can have higher productivity levels while working from home.

Originally posted on November 20, 2021 @ 1:29 pm