Being motivated shouldn’t be supposed to be difficult, but neither should you beat yourself up for not being motivated. Motivation is a tiny part of your overall mental wellbeing, related to thousands of other variables. Believe it or not, your motivation source lies within your daily routine. This is, in fact, a good thing because routines can be modified, and you can change yours or create an entirely new one that can mark the beginning of your new life.

There are many studies in the field of psychology illustrating a positive relationship between motivation and mental wellbeing. Those studies had been conducted with lots of different sample groups such as but not limited to the elderly, teens, university students, and medical professionals. 

Even when you think about it, you can easily comprehend the fact that if you are not doing okay mentally, you cannot find the motivation to focus on your work, relationships, and life in general.

So, how can you feel good mentally and stay motivated? As we mentioned earlier, one way of achieving this is by creating healthy routines in your day that you will stick to and change your lifestyle in general. It might be challenging to find the proper routines for your day, the ones that are actually serving a purpose and motivating you. Luckily, we are here to share with you ten mini routines you can add to your day and become more motivated. Let’s get started!

1. Become an Early Bird

man in white t-shirt standing beside black sofa

Your day starts as you open your eyes. So, to start the day off right, you would want to have an hour that you will wake up every single day, preferably an early one. Besides, many millionaires and successful people state how early they wake up, so there is a pattern, right? The hour, of course, depends on your job, school, or daily schedule. In any case, there are many benefits of waking up at the same hour every day, which can be listed as follows:

·   You would have more time on your day.

·   Waking up at the same hour will help you to regulate your sleep.

·   You can plan your day.

·   It is known that waking up early has an influence on organization and productivity.

2. Make Your Bed

vacant white bed near the window

This one may sound a little odd, but you will not think it is when you hear about the benefits and think about it in detail. There can be a tendency of leaving your bed unmade in the mornings, but you should indeed make your bed to be motivated, and here is why:

·   It will be the first task you complete during your day.

·   It is quite an easy task to complete.

·   By completing this easy task, you will be encouraged to complete the other ones.

·   Your room will be more organized.

·   No matter what happens during the day, you will come back home to a made bed.

3. Create a To-Do List

person writing bucket list on book

Writing down what you need or want to do during the day can be a very motivating factor for you. It is known that when you write down your tasks, you are more likely to complete them. You can also try to put a tick each time you complete a task to get the sense of satisfaction finishing a task can give you. The following are benefits of creating a to-do list:

·   You will have a clear image of what is ahead of you during the day.

·   You can easily manage your time once you create a to-do list.

·   You will be motivated to complete them more if you see them written down.

·   You will have the opportunity to prioritize your tasks.

4. Meditate

woman wearing black shirt sitting on green yoga mat

It is a well-known fact that meditation positively influences mental wellbeing. Moreover, we cannot highlight enough how mental wellbeing is important for staying motivated. The following are the benefits of adding meditation to your daily routine:

·   You will get to spend time with yourself.

·   Meditation clears your mind, leaving you more space for focusing.

·   Meditation helps you to decrease the influence of negative emotions.

·   Meditation is a wonderful way for self-awareness.

·   It is known that meditation is an activity that brings peace to people.

5. Exercise

men's black leggings

People often forget how necessary and good exercising is. In fact, in the psychology world, exercising is known as the “most underrated antidepressant.” Indeed, the hormones secreted while you exercise do something similar to an antidepressant. The following are the benefits of adding exercise to your daily routine and exercising regularly:

·   Exercising regularly increases brain function and memory.

·   Exercising reduces negative feelings such as depression and anxiety.

·   Exercising increases sleep quality, meaning that you can wake up more energetic.

·   Exercising is a good way of stress relief.

·   Exercising prevents and heals body aches.

6. Do Something that Makes you Happy

man sitting on sofa chair playing classic guitar

Your mental wellbeing is highly related to the enjoyment you get out of this life. Not everyone is lucky enough to turn their passions into their jobs, but hey, there are other ways to enjoy your life. Everybody has something that makes them happy, and here are the benefits of doing something that makes you happy every day:

·   Happiness is highly related to motivation.

·   You need a break from all the work and stress you have.

·   It is pretty easy to spare time for something that makes you happy.

·   You will have the opportunity to grow as a human being.

7. Read

person reading book on brown and beige textile

Reading is one of the most powerful blisses in our life, but people tend to overlook that as well. It does not matter if you prefer an article, book, novel, or poetry. Reading any piece of text can expand your perspective, teach you things you do not know, and improve your general culture. Don’t believe us? Here are the benefits of reading and integrating reading to your daily routine:

·   Reading improves brain activity.

·   You can learn new words and enhance your comprehension skills.

·   Reading is known to be a stress reducer.

·   Reading reduces the risk of depression.

8. Socialize

group of people tossing wine glass

Socializing is a crucial factor in psychological wellbeing, and indirectly, with motivation. People are social beings, and nothing can change this. Being motivated is not equal to spending all your time working. In that case, it only means that you are getting one step closer to burnout. Here are a few benefits of socializing and making it a part of your daily routine:

·   It is a scientific fact that socializing positively influences mental wellbeing.

·   Your self-esteem and confidence will increase as a result of socializing.

·   You will be happier in general.

·   If you have a problem, you will get to talk about it with others and solve it.

·   Socializing decreases the risks of depression.

9. Take Breaks

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It is essential to include breaks in your daily routine. We are not talking about the two-minute break you have to use the bathroom, but the real breaks where you have the time to recover from your work. It is a common misconception that motivation means nonstop working, but it is absolutely not. Here are some benefits of taking breaks in your daily routine:

·   You will be less likely to burn out.

·   Taking breaks allows you to refresh and focus more.

·   Taking breaks will give you more energy to continue your work.

10. Have a Bedtime Routine

person holding cup while reading book

Just like having a wake-up time has its benefits, so does having a bedtime because your sleep pattern defines many more things in your life than you can imagine. And, of course, a good night’s sleep can change your whole mood during the day, which will be closely related to your mental wellbeing and motivation. The following are benefits of having a bedtime to stick up with every day:

·   Reduces stress levels.

·   Makes you more energized.

·   Increases productivity and focus.

·   Boosts your immune system.

·   Clears your mind.

How do I motivate myself to stick to my daily routine?

To motivate yourself to stick to your daily routine, you might want to start with baby steps. It might require some time to get used to a routine, and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed if you cannot succeed the first time. Try to put realistic goals, remind yourself why you are doing this, and with time, try to take bigger steps.

What is a good self-motivation example?

Good self-motivation typically comes in the form of believing in yourself. An example of good self-motivation can be someone who knows that the bad stuff will go away, and they have the ability to change their life in the way they want it to go. It is not all about being positive at all times but knowing that the bad ones will come and go.

What can help entrepreneurs get motivated during times of crisis? 

In times of crisis, it can be helpful to accept the situation, not overthink how bad the situation is, and focus on what can be done to solve it. For entrepreneurs, it might be best to consult someone regarding the situation and brainstorm with others to stay motivated. The best thing that will keep the motivation would be knowing everything will be alright.

Originally posted on November 26, 2021 @ 12:32 pm